Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Second Life, Wikipedia scandal

This Userfriendly Comic kind of emphasizes the point of my post about Second Life plus I think it's damn funny, too.

In other news:

Nick Carr likes to bash Wikipedia and -to a lesser extent, which is a bit unfair in my opinion- Second Life. In the case of the latter I'm all for it but in the case of Wikipedia, I'm of two minds. On one hand I tremendously like Wikipedia. Where else would you find laid out -in finest detail- the differences between the gazillion types of Manga comics and their respective fans? To me, the abundance of articles about pop culture items on Wikipedia is no disadvantage, but one of its strong points. Come on, if you need cold, hard facts about a subject of physics or something you'll know where to find it. Wikipedia could even be a starting point for that search. But the cool crowd, well-versed and endlessly immersed in the intricacies of movies like Alien or Blade Runner, TV shows like Stargate, Star Trek et al., they want articles about such pop culture icons and the longer they are, the better.

On the other hand I must say that Jimmy Wales and the convoluted bureaucracy governing Wikipedia have a talent to draw all the fire. Just like this latest thing with that PhD-wannabe, EssJay or something. Hey, I'm quite scholarly in some areas myself and I'd make the assertion that my knowledge rivals that of some who have studied the same subject academically and obtained their formal degree but I would never dream of pretending to have a degree I didn't earn. My pride alone would say it's VERBOTEN, because it would minimize my own achievements which I distinctly undertook outside academia. Well, maybe Wikipedia should just add the motto "Encyclopedia of Pop Culture" to it's name and concentrate on the stuff I referred to above. No background checking required on someone writing about these shows just the devotion of a fanboy's heart...

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